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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
A few questions for that coach:

1. Do they also "buy" the SAT scores and other standardized test scores?

2. Do they fake the internships with companies?

3. Do they get a stunt double to come to the personal interviews for them?

4. And lastly.....has he talked to the Harvard's admissions department, as they say the opposite of what he said?

"Grace S. Cheng, a Harvard Admissions Officer who oversees homeschool applications, estimates that her office now receives between 75 and 150 homeschooled applicants each year—a increase from the 1989 estimates of 5 to 10 homeschooled applicants per year.

Cheng says homeschoolers are neither at an advantage nor disadvantage when applying. “Yes, homeschoolers are usually ranked one out of one,” she says with a laugh. “But we have so many valedictorians in the pool that it’s not [quite] delineated out for us. We treat homeschool applicants no differently from other applicants. There are no separate application requirements.”

Harvard works to fill its classes with students from a variety of different backgrounds, and it appears these homeschoolers are no exception."
OK coach. I retract what I said. Maybe I have a hearing or memory problem.
Can still volley though. Just took out a top 18 year old in one on one doubles. Or maybe I didn't. Can't quite remember.
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