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there's a load of stuff I want to have fun @ the expense of , but for now , let me start with this

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post

No, plexicushion is Federer's worst surface. Since 2004 (that's when Fed started establishing his dominance) Fed has made it to 5 RG finals and won once. So 5/9. Since AO went plexicushion, Fed has made it to 2 finals and won once. so 2/5.

Seriously you don't even know your own idol's worst surface properly.
lol, wut ? plexicushion came into the picture after federer's very best was over ( 2004-07 ) ......

since plexi came into the picture

@ RG : federer was playing very well in 2011, he was on and off in 2009, was well below his best in 2008 & 2012, he was playing well in 2010, but sod's brilliant performance cut him off at the QF stage

@ AO: federer was playing very well in 2010, well in 2009, decently enough in 2012, average in 2008 and 2011 ...... however none of these were as bad as his performances @ RG in 2008/2012 ...

overall his level on plexi has been better than that @ RG .......
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