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Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
Exactly. Can we end the thread now?
No! We want 500 posts!

I absolutely agree and would not call a foot fault on anyone unless it was flagrant and repeated. Calling someone for foot faulting because their toe touches the line in an non officiated match is ludicrous at best. When someone strikes the ball on a serve with both feet well into the court, so it is so obvious that you can't help but see it. I believe you should call it.

I played a guy last night that started a serve to the add court with his left foot on the center line and his right foot well on the deuce side. I attempted to stop him before the serve, but was unable to. I told him to take two, but he looked down at his position and said "No, that was a fault!" and refused to take another first serve. Which is exactly what I would do if the roles were reversed.

I am guessing that some here would say I was employing gamesmanship. I don't think so. I merely pointed his mistake out to him and gave him another first serve. I did not attempt to penalize him. He was gentleman enough to decline and serve his second. To me, that's how tennis should be.
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