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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Put an hour and a half of practice yesterday with the VCORE 97. Just hitting nonstop, not playing sets. Found it a bit heavy for my loopy topspin stokes. Definitely pulling the plug on the 2013 APD and string it with a soft copoly at low tension or with gut/poly.
I will sell both VCORES and also buy a Volkl V1, lead it a bit, and use it as the "rest the arm racket" when the Aeropro gets a bit nasty on my arm.
Okay, so it seems your experiment with the VC 97 is at an end. I'd imagine it is rather different. Mind you, you can go other other way of course (like me!) and suddenly find you're having the hardest time deciding between 2 or 3 very, very similar frames. Anyhow, hoping to play tomorrow for the first time in a week due to frosty/icey weather conditions here in the South of England.
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