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I just hit with the new Blade 98 18x20. I owned the previous BLX blade 98 and here are my thoughts on how the new racquet compares to the previous version.

The new Blade 98 18x20 has less power, is easier to swing (lower swing weight), and feels more comfortable to hit with. Shots hit outside of the sweet spot on the previous version can be jarring at times and the new version improves on this. My biggest complaint with the previous version of the racquet is the power level. It has a bit more pop than I'd like (I'm use to playing with mid sized racquets and I like generating my own power).

The higher swing weight on the previous version makes the racquet unique. It feels kind of clunky, but it provides great plow and stability. I like the way the newer version swings and it feels more "fluid" and not as clunky as the previous version. Plowthrough doesn't feel as good on the new version compared to the previous version, but this is due to the swing weight differences.

Overall I think the newer Blade 98 18x20 is an upgrade compared to the previous version. If you thought the previous version had too much power and felt too clunky, I think you'll enjoy the newer version.
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