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Tried the Blade 98,18/20 today,and i liked it.

The Blade is heavier,more solid overall and is not flimsy at all compare to my Yonex Vcore 100s..
Serve was better and heavier,lots of power but still was easy to place them close to the lines.
Groundstrokes was great,good control but i had a little problem to find the lenght in the beginning,first power shots i made went way past the baseline,but it got better after a while.
Returns was great too,the only problem i had was at the net on volleys,that came fast,then i had some troubles to get the racquet in place fast enough due to the heavier weight and less HL than my usual racquet. However if i had time it was no problem at all.

I only played the racquet for 1 hour so with more time i bet the timing on volleys would be better.

Overall i liked this racquet,i would consider to switch to it,it really felt great,BUT i want to try the 93 version first wich my shop didnt have any in stock yet.
The 93 is heavier but more head light so i imagine the handling would be the same or even better,and with more control and less power,so i dont have to worry about overhitting as much.

Both my Yonex Vcore 100s and the Blade 98 is strung with Wilson sensation(16 if i remember right).
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