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Originally Posted by toly View Post
The question was about wrist deviations. So, I just tried to clarify this matter and nothing else.

About passive/active wrist I explained in post #103. What is wrong with my explanation?
With all due respect, toly, I believe you are basing your analysis on an incorrect model of the forehand. The centrifugal force, IMO, is inconsequential - let's say it simply prevents the racquet from flying off. What matters at that point is the forward speed that's being imparted to the racquet as it is being pulled towards the contact point, and the stretch that's happening to the muscles that control the wrist. At some point before contact, ISR happens, and the hand is pulled in. This releases the stretched wrist, among other things, and causes the racquet to whip into the ball. There is no discernible ulnar deviation, and almost all the wrist movement is passive. Yes, the ISR will lift the racquet head, but also move it forward into contact, and will eventually pull the racquet across the body.
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