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Originally Posted by Tshooter View Post
Yes, but would you pick him to coach your kid ?

I was actually going to suggest you contact BTurner (but he beat me to the punch) and you two could go out for a beer and reminisce about Bob's career and lament the injustice of the forces that conspired to have Bob suspended from the HOF and, if you are lucky, you can receive BTs due process lecture. And well who knows how the night might go after that....

Me, I saw Hewitt as a young kid which was about as interesting as a young kid watching [fill in the blank for any doubles team not the Bryans]. And at the time he appeared creepy to my kid eyes and, frankly, so did his partner with the weird (to a kid) hat. As for now, apart from you and BT and maybe Bob though I suspect he's not all that interested in tennis at this point, who gives a rats ***** about his playing days ?
I obviously have another opinion.Hewitt was a tennis player and should be enjuiced as such.
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