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Originally Posted by Tagg View Post
disagree with this

courier's best surface was the AO, no doubt about it

the slams, the record there, the remaining competitive there even when past his best

no doubt that courier is maybe underrated for his versatility. isn't given enough credit for reaching all for 4 finals when the surfaces played drastically different, and in such a short space of time

however, his game plan was more or less the same on all surfaces. he didn't particularly adjust much

he'd try and serve and volley on grass but didn't really posses the hands to do so. he also didn't slide or move great on clay, despite being a beast at RG. he played hardcourt tennis, and his fitness was good enough for him to make it work

he was hardcourt player, first and foremost. US was his home slam, but AO was his best slam
You are completely right.Courier reached the big 4 finals ( and yet the Masters final too) and was extremely tough to beat on any surface from 1991 to 1994.He had great confidence as well.
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