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I've gotten it twice. Once during soccer season, once during rugby season.

The soccer episode wasn't too bad. Hurt like hell when I woke up in the morning or sat at my desk for a while, but went away with by walking around and I never missed any time. Eventually it just disappeared without me doing anything.

The one from rugby was awful. I couldn't walk at all in the morning, and started using a chair as a cane to get around the house. For this, I did a lot of stretching, rolled the arch of my foot over tennis balls, golf balls, frozen 20oz bottles, and massaged the area whenever I was sitting on the couch. This helped, but it never really went away until I had to play a game because we didn't have any subs. Warmed up without any problems, played the whole game expecting to be a cripple again in the morning, but woke up the next day and felt fine. Haven't had any problems since.
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