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Thumbs down Rings

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
I like using gymnastic rings, which are similar in function to what TRX is trying to do. I love them.

But your point about finding a place to anchor them is quite valid, especially for the home user. I have a great place. Some guy built a power station out of solid iron (I think the thing probably weighs 300 lbs. or more; I can hang off the back doing front or back levers and it stays perfectly stable; a beast of a stand) and his family sold it to me for $50 through the classified when he died. But otherwise, I have no idea where I would secure those things.

The rings I got are $60. Well worth it IMO.

Another great piece of equipment are parallettes:

Wish I could find stall bars for cheap. Anyone know where I could find some?
I cracked up laughing when one dude bought and was using gymnast rings and was showing off. I was the club manager so I told him u can't use those here he was sad. I also laugh with those neck gear that holds plates and the tools who need to do weighted dips and try pullups with a 100 lb dumbell give me a break.
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