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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
I agree TRX is over priced that is why I made my own for about $30. But I do like some of the movements, like I said I combine TRX with free weights. I will do a set of dead lifts and then use the straps to do what I call reverse pushups. This is were you put your legs on a bench and pull yourself up towards the ceiling, a very good back movement.

There are many TRX exercises that are very good and can be combined with free weight movements, like after a set of bench presses do the strap pushups, same with after a set of barbell curls go right to TRX curls. So in other words I don't do just TRX training I combine it in my free weight workout. Which I feel is very good for a change up and there is more core and balance used with TRX.

I do agree with you about the bands they are really for PT more than anything. That is why I found it humorous for someone to ask about free weight VS bands, because there is no comparison. I really think that the best form of training is free weights, but even better is weighted body movements. Like weighted pull ups, push ups, and dips.
I just have a small amount of time to lift then run so I deadlift, bent over rows, clean and press, stepups and bench then go for a 8 mile run. If u have 2-3 hrs then do core, speed, quickness,agility balance, poly, and cuff pt work and lots of crazy abs. Maybe just do sport specfic traing for your sport. I talk to these people doing all these crazy moves. Guess what all of them are not training for anything. Some trainer or book showed them these moves and now they like to show other members they got skills. It's a good way to meet people at the gym. Most people are bored working out so this keeps them entertained and makes me smile too!!
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