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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Interesting thread.

I find very funny people saying about the quality of their racquets, saying to invest money in product quality/quality control, more flexible racquets, more arm friendly, but at the end to me it's the most stupid thing I hear, you know why??

1- Babolat isn't forcing you (complainers) to buy their crappy racquets.

2- Babolat is still the best selling racquets as many have pointed out, so why would they try to fix something isn't broken, in other words, why would they make changes in their racquets if they are still best seller, I guess people like it, right?

If you don't like their racquets, and I don't really care about it, buy something else, I hope they continue to make the same racquets with different paint and the idiots keep buying their cheap low quality racquets, if you want to play with their racquets it's your choice, suck it up, don't complain.

As long as Nadal keep playing with it, they will sell millions of horrible racquets to Nadal kids.
Exactly what's wrong the Aeropro Drive? You seem to have a real dislike for it.

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