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I've had it on and off for nearly 10 years now and mostly on. Right now, I'm mostly pain free or the pain is very minimal so I don't notice it like when it was at its absolute worst last year at this time.

PF is an overuse injury. I got mine from the stress of running. I wish I would've just stopped all activity and rested back 10 years ago instead of aggravating it worse. TIME OFF IS THE BEST CURE!!!! To take time off, you'll also need to tape your heal/arch. There are many videos on youtube, etc that'll detail how to do it.

How did I become nearly pain free? I took time off. I wear custom orthotics and never walk barefoot except in the shower. I stretch often. This website saved me at my darkest hour with new stretches and more information:

Good luck. Do it right now so you won't have to live with it much longer. Take time off. If it were me and I could go back 10 years, I'd gladly take 4-6 months off to save myself from 8 more years of agony! I dream of walking barefoot again but I know it'll never happen. Read that website above and follow the instructions.
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