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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Interesting you mentioned AP Chem. My son took Honors Chem last year, the school will not let him to AP Chem again because they don't want him to hog two science slots a year (AP Bio this year, AP Phy next year). So I am going to have him do AP Chem in a private special school (it is basically one office suite with the kitchen as a lab) next summer. It is one block from where we live. He will get a transcript but cannot write the AP exam, because it is not offered in summer. I don't care about that because he will already have 2 APs going into the senior year. I might be shelling out $4000 for this summer AP course. It is a 1 one 1 setting and flexible timings.

Something along these lines should make home schooling easier for labs. Or of course the charter schools which offer some days of regular schooling a week - labs can be squeezed in there. Though I don't know how many have the infrastructure for an AP science course.
My son also took Honor Chem last year. His school allows him to double up sciences, AP Chem and AP Phys this year, because he took BYU's US History on-line in the summer. We paid a few hundreds for this course. I never asked if a home schooled kid is allowed to take labs in a regular school - I would think its likely.
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