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Originally Posted by Babolat Official View Post
The advantage of putting VS in the mains is increased power and feel, but you lose durability and spin. For every advantage, there is a drawback (my go to phrase)

I have tried the reverse hybrid (but with RPM 17 & VS 16) in the 2010 APD and an AeroStorm. I was not a fan in the APD, but then again I didn't like a normal hybrid in it either (prefer all poly).

With the Aerostorm, I liked the traditional hybrid, but didn't find enough spin with the reverse. Candidly, I did not toy around with it past two string jobs. Maybe I could have found something by messing with the tensions/gauges more. I did play with a traditional hybrid in the AS for 8 months.

As far as cutting strings out...I'm pretty particular about tension. I play with very thin gauges because I want the string to break before it loses more than 30% of tension (problem with all poly set up). Even when I did not get string for free, I rarely played with a string job for more than 20 hours. Either it broke or I cut it out. I would string my own and for how much I love tennis, figured it was worth the feel.

If you never break strings and want to try the're really only using one string job. And as someone who is always wondering if something will help my game more, it will stick in your head the more you don't try it and the more you read about it online.

One thing to remember when hybriding: Gut holds tension really well, poly does not. Some people want the bed the same tension and adjust their string tension accordingly, some want the mains/crosses to play at different tensions.

What is your current string tension, racquet head size, and string pattern?

Perhaps not my most eloquent response. Let me know if you have any other questions or want to bounce some ideas around.
Thanks for your response Daniel! I really appreciate your opinion
My current tension is 56 mains 58 crosses (PHT/VS)
I've bounced around from as high as 57/59 to as low as 55/57... nothing significantly different from my current tension! I believe I used to have a 3 pound differential at one time with my mains and crosses... so I had tensions of 55/58 and 56/59 before.
My racquet is the Pure Storm Tour GT and its 98 sq and 16x20!
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