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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
I don't really care about Babolat racquets, though I have only tried the Aeropro drive, the older one, earlier version of this 2013 one and the pure drive 2012, after I demoed I pretty much erased Babolat racquets off my list.

Strings are very good, I used Pro Hurricane Tour, then Babolat RPM Blast for a good time, had always used VS Touch in hybrids, this winter I'm going to Wilson, since most don't like the new BT7, and say the Wilson is the older VS, so obviously I have experienced Babolat products before, but I can admit after I joined this forum I learned and heard many things, that also lead me to dislike Babolat more, apart of me not liking the racquets first and foremost, I don't care what people use, but to me it's low quality, at least compared to the ones I use, so good luck to you and the thread.

As far as playing, in my opinion here is what i found:

- with the same stiffness as my current racquet it is a hell lot stiffer than mine.

- having the same weight as my current racquet, it is very unstable, vibrates a lot, unlike the racquet I use.

- It feels hollow and lacks accuracy when compared to my racquet.

- grip is horrible (but this is personal preference), so i'd never play with racquet because of the grip shape nor the throat design, it just feels really weird too.

As far as quality, Drakulie can give you an entire list of problems.

Anyway, I was actually defending Babolat towards the ones who complain about it, obviously I'm not complaining about it because Babolat makes no difference to me, I don't spend anything on their products anymore.
Shows how different racquets appeal to different people. I see you use Yonex racquets from your sig.

The best thing I can say about the several Yonex's I've tried is that I find them unplayable. You like them as do many others so that's great. You won't find me on a Yonex thread outlining my unfavorable experiences.

This is a thread started by a Babolat rep giving people who use and are curious about Babolats a chance to discuss and get info about Babolats.

Although I don't use Babolats and will sell the one I own soon, I think it's commendable of Babolat to have this avenue of communication.
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