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Originally Posted by Tagg View Post
perhaps being cheated out of a 3 slam year in 97 by a doping korda affected him, i don't know
There's no proof of Korda being "doped" in that match. Besides, Sampras had a fantastic year in 1997, including after the US Open. This is a year where Sampras won the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, the Grand Slam Cup, Paris Indoors and the World Championships in Hannover. Sampras was the strong favourite for the 1997 US Open, but Korda was just better at taking the big points late in the match.

Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
I haven't seen the match since the event, but I remember being impressed with Kucera's shotmaking in the match, the third and fourth sets in particular. Kucera was ruthless, especially when Agassi struggled with the toe blister later on in the match. It's interesting that Gilbert says that Agassi's toe was bothering him from the exact moment where Kucera dominated for the rest of the match. I seem to remember that Kucera was already on a run of form when Agassi's movement was getting affected by the toe blister, and Kucera didn't ease off at all. There was also a bit of a fuss when Agassi didn't show up at the presser after this match, and I think he got fined $10,000.

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