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The attached table shows a junior ranked top 150 in 18s nationally would be equivalent to a 6.0 player. You may ask the members of your club if they like to hit with your kid. They would be more likely to play a junior girl. Unless they are really good, like 5.0 and relatively young, under 40, they would not have fun playing junior boys who are ranked, say, top 500 in B18. Boys are a lot tougher than girls. I saw a #400 senior boy beat #40 senior girl like 6-2/6-2.

With private in the morning and clinics in the afternoon, it appears that your kid won't have much time for school, home-school.
Thank you for the answer and example, I don't have a kid that plays or is homeschooled, just know of one and was interested. And buly the way, he does have plenty of time for school, 4 hours of tennis/conditioning allows for plenty of time for studies which should still come first!
And he is only 11 and in the 6th grade I believe, chance to excellerate his learning and progress in tennis
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