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The system that the USTA uses currently is not a particularly flawed one in spite of of what some naysayers continue to complain about. It is not perfect because it attempts to assess human performance and there is no perfect way to do that. Here's the deal, guys, like it or not: the USTA has modified their ratings system multiple times over the years, always in an attempt to improve it and make league play (which is based on skill level) more competitive and fairly operated. But you always have a sizeable subset of players any given year who are attempting to play at the lowest possible level in order to beat up on lesser-skilled players and stroke their own ego. This group is larger than a lot of people know or admit. Beyond that, no player at any level plays at that level of skill every match. It is ridiculous to expect that. I am a 4.0 player, but over the years I have had days when I played like a legitimate 4.5 player, and I've had my share of matches when I made average 3.5 players look good. Nobody is completely consistent with their level of performance match in and match out. The current system attempts to create a reasonable and even-handed way of keeping the playing field leveled. It doesn't always work, but as a player and captain who has played league tennis for 20 years, I can tell you for sure it is a heck of a lot better than what we've had in the past. I just grow tired of hearing people complain about the system---no matter what system is being used. Yes, some people get caught in the cogs. I know that. But for the vast majority of league players in any given year, the system works very well. Today, most league players are playing at the appropriate level. They are where they should be. The system we have is responsible for that. That is all we can ask of it. In my experience, the majority of people who go on and on about the "unfair system" are really complaining about how their level doesn't allow them to win as much as they want to. Sorry, but that's what I have seen and heard. If the system seems that poorly constructed to you, then you have a simple solution for your agony---stop playing league tennis. Play casual club tennis and stop chasing league titles. Easy fix.
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