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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
She really likes tennis. Im not making her play at all. Im just saying for her to one day be a money making pro she is gonna have to wanna be great from within. Right now she could play for alot of d2 teams and she just turned 11. If she ever didnt wanna play she knows im gonna love her either way.
Have you ever hinted to your daughter that you expect her to be next Sharapova or Williams? Giving her too much pressure? Some kids are more self-motivated or competitive than others. My older son is so different than his younger brother. He also loves to play tennis, but hates to compete. So, he chose to play doubles for his high school team. He is a happy college sophomore. I surely hope that your daughter will continue her love of the game and I wish you would send all of us a note in 10 years that you daughter is on the US Open main draw!
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