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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
There is some science slot funding per student issue here. But I think the real reason is that they have opened up a brand new engineering building at the school, complete with solar panels, fuel cells, robots, breadboards, 3D printers and lathes. So they forced him to take "Principles of Engineering" this year. Next year it will be "Digital Electronics" or "Engineering Design." This is part of some national push to get kids interested in engineering. I look at them as additional Physics courses with lots of labs (to add to the Advanced Physics he already took).

In any case, he wanted two APs at the end of his junior year and he has gotten them: AP Bio and AP Computer Science. Then AP Phy, AP Calc and AP Stats in the senior year, and before that AP Chem in the private school to build on his Chem Hons.
Sounds like a great plan for your son. Nice to know another tennis kid who also excels academically.
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