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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Lol really? So you're comparing Ancic's chances of beating Nadal in 2006 to Novak's in 2011? I have a question, are you high?
no, I'm not , clueless. Get a grip. I'm saying you would easily downplay any opponent's chances against nadal ....... djoker in 2011 wim would of course have a better chance than ancic in 2006 ......

doesn't mean ancic wouldn't have a shot in 2006

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
What do you expect from that stupid statement of yours? Murray was clearly not at his best due to the pressure of being expected to make his first Wimbledon final.
no, he wasn't. just that roddick was plain better

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Hewitt and Murray of 2009 are nowhere near Nadal in terms of difficulty to beat at Wimbledon. He struggled against Hewitt and Murray was not mentally able to win important points against him. And you think Nadal had to be at his absolute BEST to beat Roddick? roflmfao, if Rafa was in his WIM 07/08 final form he would've beat Roddick in 4 sets max.
see my point at the beginning of this post ....... applies here again .....

any version of nadal would struggle vs roddick 2009/2004 wimbledon

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
WTF are you on about? Where did I say the mental aspect isn't important? I highlighted it as the reason Fed lost to Hewitt. Seriously you have no business on any forums because you can't read for **** you troll.
lol, clueless, you said federer was outplaying hewitt in davis cup 2003, but hewtt outlasted him mentallty but that is what happened/happens plenty of times with hewitt, he was that mentally tough ........ it had happened to federer before as well ....... so saying he was outplaying him in the davis cup 2003 semi isn't all that relevant ..

so by 2004 AO, federer didn't have him figured out ... just that he was better then and outplayed him ..

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
No it's not it, you thought I said Nalbandian didn't play well, but now that you've re-read it you realised that you stuffed up.
in that case, I would have contradicted you in strong terms, as I have done plenty of times, I didn't

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Nadal was obviously injured against Rosol, he hasn't taken all these months off for nothing. In the other matches against Murray at 2008 USO he was gassed out after playing in so many tournaments and having made so many finals in 2008 at the time. As for the 2007 matches you seem to forget Nadal was 20 against Gonzo and 21 against Ferrer. Should I bring up the list of people that beat the great Federer when he was at that age in majors? Oh wait you have an excuse for those don't you?

I'd like to see Gonzo, Baggy, Haas, Hewitt, Roddick, 34-35 yr old Agassi, etc beat 2008 onwards Nadal in a major. Only 5 players have done it and Federer isn't one of them. Oh and 3 of those 5 have also beaten Fed at majors as well. The other 2 are Murray (who BTW has had more matches against Rafa than Fed in majors giving him more of a chance to beat him in them) and Rosol.
roddick definitely would have a good shot at wimbledon and at the USO
ditto for hewitt ..
2004-2005 agassi would definitely have a shot vs rafa at the USO/AO ...
gonzo of AO 2007 would have a chance ..
baggy and haas would need nadal to be a bit below par, in which case they would have a chance

get me one loss that federer had vs a player who wasn't a slam champion or wouldn't go on to win that major from 2004-09 ...... that's right ..... you'll find zilch ....

almost every other great had those losses in their primes ..
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