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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
You still don't understand tennis do you? Buy a racquet and play. Fed served better in 2009 final than 08 because he was playing Roddick. Against Roddick the serves don't need to be as pinpoint as they do against Nadal, therefore, less pressure on serve and therefore better serving statistics. Roddick isn't the returner Rafa is pal.

Also, I believe Agassi once said Nadal had a very tricky second serve with the spin he's able to put on it, plus you factor in the pressure Fed would've felt against Nadal vs against Roddick and it's easy to see why Fed missed those second serve returns. Fed knew from the back of the court Nadal could easily get on top of him so the return had to be fairly decent and therefore going for such a return increases your chance of error. Against Roddick he can just block return serves knowing that if he can initialise a rally against Roddick he's a strong chance of beating him from the back of the court.
I'm not against any of the "concepts" in the points per se, but they don't address what actually happened ...

federer in the wimbledon 2007/08 finals served better than he did against roddick in 2003/04/05 matches ...... only in the 2009 finals, did he serve better than he did against nadal ...

so the serving didn't really have much to do with the opponent in those cases ...

nadal's serve isn't as easy to handle as it looks , but missing on so many of those second serves is inexcusable by any decent returner's standards, even more so by federer's standards ...

the only other occasion where federer was as bad on BPs vs nadal was the RG 2007 final btw ..

so in both the finals, 2008/09, federer's returning was sub-par ... his ground game was better in 2008 and his serving better in 2009 .... not that much of a difference in level IMO ...

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