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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
There is cause to be concerned about 4G's stiffness but it really depends on several factors.

Your own arm sensitivity is paramount. For some it will just be too stiff no matter the other factors. For others it will work in any situation. For everyone else we're talking shades of gray. My arm is sensitive and I can handle 4G in certain situations.

- in my Dunlop 200s (18x20, 95") I found 4G way too stiff even at lower tensions in the 40a. Ouch!

- in my Dunlop 200 Tours it's wonderful in the low 50s as a cross with gut mains.

- in my Pure Storm GTs I dislike it in the low 50s as a cross with gut. But in the mid 40s as a cross with gut it's perfectly fine for me. Hit with it again tonight and switched between my frame with Wilson Gut/4G @ 49/45 and my frame with VS Touch/4G @ 55/51. Both were comfy as I've added even more lead to the head upping my SW but the 49/45 frame was extremely confortable and still extremely precise. I played with my wife tonight and she was so angry at my touch shots she threw her frame...twice. There's just nothing that compares to 4G for accuracy over time.
Interesting how the feel changes with different rackets. Sounds appealing though. THanks for the info.
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