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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Even after 07 Fed made it to more RG finals than AO

Sorry, but 3 finals including 1 title > 2 finals including 1 title

Coincidently, it's mainly been Novak and Nadal who have beaten him in both those majors. Wonder why, they must be MUCH tougher opponents than Hewitt and Roddick...
federer was playing better on plexi @ AO than at RG in 08, 09,10,12 ... only in 11 was he playing better @ RG than at the AO .....

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yes you are pumping their tyres up because it makes your boy look better. Novak and Rafa clearly have more dangerous components to their game than those 2 hence the reason Fed has struggled against them far more in majors.

If they were so good why couldn't they EVER beat Federer in a major? I mean come on a teenage Nadal did it.
teenage nadal did it @ the FO which is his strongest and federer's weakest ...

novak 2007-2010 wasn't that much better than hewitt/roddick when playing well .......on any medium to fast surface fact hewitt/roddick were quite a bit better on grass and in quite a few aspects roddick/hewitt were better on the medium to medium fast HCs

only in 2011, djoker was clearly better than them ( though not on grass ) .... we all saw what happened to nadal then ... a past his prime federer played him much tougher ......... yeah, matchup comes into the picture, but considering that was one of nadal's prime years and not one of federer's , nadal could/should have done better

and again, hewitt/roddick matchup worse vs federer than nadal/djoker do .....

again, nadal and djoker, esp 2011 ( and patches in 2012, 2008 ) are clearly better than hewitt/roddick overall .... but they can be on similar levels on grass/fast-HC .....

just because they are better than hewitt/roddick doesn't mean that hewitt/roddick aren't legit threats ....

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
He got 6-0 7-6 6-0 and you say he played decent tennis. LOL If that's decent then Rafa's WIM final runs are like a winning a World War.

oh and here's the best part, he's also dominated Roddick like that in majors as well. But yeah, they were sooo much of a threat.

Funny how Fed could NEVER dominate Rafa or Novak like that at a major...
only two of those matches - USO 2004 F and AO 2007 SF were absolute blitzes ... federer didn't hit that sort of form in the majors vs nadal/djoker ... more difficult to do so vs nadal due to the matchup ......

but then when he hit top form, on other occasions, he'd dominated them both, see final two sets at hamburg 2007 F, YEC 2007 SF, YEC 2011 RR match for nadal

see the cincy finals vs djoker, the YEC 2010 SF

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