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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
I was afraid that someone would answer "timing" and "technique". That answer really doesn't explain anything, lead the conversation anywhere.

Ok, so I hear that you shouldn't isolate any one area, and work on fastest rhs. In term of biomechanics, what your body feels, what should I be focusing on? I mean, if I were to teach a kid to swim fast, I'd tell him to focus on kicking his feet faster, etc.
Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
focus on the kinetic chain, being loose, proper footwork, weight transfer, extenstion, SSC, leg push, proper contact point for your grip - out in front, right combo of pronation, isr and deviation, etc. all of those things contribute to power.

What do you expect us to say without a video of your strokes?

Or you could just flex your wrist more as Toly says.
The problem is that it's more complicated than simple advice. And the correct advice for you is going to depend to some extent on your swing, grips, etc.

For instance on one of these fh threads we were talking about how Cheetah and I focus on different things when we hit our fhs:
- I use an almost SW grip and I'm always thinking about swinging up.
- Cheetah uses an almost W grip and thinks about swinging through.

The results are about the same, but because of our grips we focus on somewhat different things in some cases. OTOH, we both set-up semi-open when we can, try to be relaxed in our set-up, keep our head still and eyes on the contact zone, bend our legs and use our legs to drive the kinetic chain - so there are a lot of similarities too. I also always think about keep my wrist and forearm neutral during set-up and keeping my racquet forward (because I tend to take my backswing too far back).
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