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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
So you're admitting Fed is better on clay than plexicushion since 3 > 2.
No, I said there isn't much of a difference so as to conclusively prove anything. Learn to read. Clay is clearly Federer's worst surface and he actually started getting consistent results there a couple or so years later than when he actually hit his prime (2006 incidently).

And Nadal didn't have 11 titles when he faced Fed at RG in 05.
He had 11 in 2005. It means he was well ready for a major victory that year, regardless of when it came.

Those other past players with very good achievements in their teens didn't have to beat Federer in a major.

And please highlight the players that have done better than Nadal in their teens in terms of major victories.
Borg? Becker? Sampras?
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