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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
This is the first time I have heard of a racquet not being consistent.
Kind of not the point i was trying to make though. The racket brings the inconsistency out of me basically....its a demanding challenging racket...where it takes work to play with it and not flow (low power - need excellent timing at all times, which i don't). A tiring racket with lead...weak weak on serve without lead etc....

Very few mishitts on this racket, but directional control is harder with this racket than for example the k-blade 98. My opinion is that massive flex is the fault. Some of you would disagree. Still feels like flex is the blame for lack of directional precision...Technique adjustment helps (for eg. more spin, less flat shots etc...but I don't always want to do that.)

But with my last hitting session, I almost played better than a long long time (could be better balls - racket responds better to good balls)...I just hope i did not make a mistake with the two new wilson BLX surge(2011) rackets, which will be light, more rigid, more powerful...thankfully I can lead them if all else fails. It also has a open string pattern, so at least that will be the same. Hoping that this racket will kind of be inbetween the k-blade and prince in more directional precision, head speed (lightness) and power on the serve. Will probably have to hold back more on my shots though. Starting to play with them in less than a week.
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