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Originally Posted by galain View Post
I'm taking a stab that you've not spent a lot of time with Yonex's RD7? If you want to talk frames with personality disorders, that one is probably your best starting point.

I'm still eager to hit with the EXO3. The 3 players I know who use them haven't stopped raving about how much their games have improved since picking them up.
The tours imroved some aspects of my game, but its too tiring at times.
Which is why im not desperate to sell these or give them away. They're very good if you take power serves out of the equation. If my new wilsons fail, I have these to fall back on.

I can understand why people rave about the tours. There is definitely nothing like them. They are very unique in feel and specs. If you like them, and they suit your game, and you can be consistent with them, they are really brilliant.
Biggest overall drawback: lack of power on the serve. With lead, too heavy for me when I get tired. Will I get more fit to cope with it? No...
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