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Originally Posted by mxmx View Post
The tours imroved some aspects of my game, but its too tiring at times.
Which is why im not desperate to sell these or give them away. They're very good if you take power serves out of the equation. If my new wilsons fail, I have these to fall back on.

I can understand why people rave about the tours. There is definitely nothing like them. They are very unique in feel and specs. If you like them, and they suit your game, and you can be consistent with them, they are really brilliant.
Biggest overall drawback: lack of power on the serve. With lead, too heavy for me when I get tired. Will I get more fit to cope with it? No...
Do you think a little more stiffness would help?
The way racquet flexes at lesser impact might feel nice and springy, but when it comes to accelerating the ball from 0 to 100+ mph it might feel "broken". Like there's no way you can hit any harder with it and that's frustrating.
Maybe Youtek technology is not so bad afterall. The only drawback is, you arm breaks sooner than d3o racquet and clearly EXO3 Tour prevents that by diminishing returns at higher impacts.
I hope they stiffen it up a bit in ESP version and then we can have best of both worlds.
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