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I'll be able to answer this question in about a year or two.

I'm coaching two sisters now aged 9 and 11. Been working with them for about a year now.

Teaching the nine year old a two hander, I started the 11 year old with a two-hander, but switched her over to a one-hander and its just more natural to her.

I'm a one-hander myself, so it will be easy for me to teach her. Almost got teary eyed last week when I was running her side to side on up-the-line drills. Her 1HBH follow through and knee bend on the run... is just outrageous.

I taught myself a one-hander, and I must have that spine imbalance because whenever I try to hit a two-hander, I can't seem to get forward momentum, everything is just leaning back when I hit it. lol


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