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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Get a racket you can play consistently well with on a day to day basis, not a racket that brings out your best tennis only when you are "on" but is too demanding otherwise. I've made that same mistake with a different frame, and during a critical phase/time. Now I'm playing with a tweener and very glad I made the switch.

thanks man...encouraging...

I think even though the Blx Surge may be slightly more inferior to the tour, i feel it may be more consistent. And i would rather have a more consistent above average racket, than a brilliant once in a while racket. Wilsons approach is more conservative so to speak imo. - I like Prince, all the years, and dislike wilson....but in the end have to play with what will actually suit my game...

The surge is probably a more all round tweener racket...averages...not extremes as much as the tour. (extreme flex, extreme low power, extreme spin)
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