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Originally Posted by fgs View Post
i think the reason for this "mental disorder" is the flex in the hoop more than the overall flex of the stick. on slightly offcenter-shots the weird way the hoop flexes acts like a magnifying glass to the imprecision of the stroke.
i have not much played the exo tour, a lot of kids at the tennis school my son attends are playing with it and i took some out for a short ride.
as i hit heavy topspin, my contact with the ball is basically never at the sweetspot, and i hit on the upper half anyway (from starting out in the wooden times), so i can pretty well understand your point. a similar issue i had with the radicals from head, those were even worse if i remember well - have not tried the youtek's though.
Lead has made it more stable, but too heavy. Maybe the lighter versions of the tour (team) + lead may have been a better option for me...
But the extreme flex + the port tech, makes it even more overly "soft" maybe the tour with normal string inserts would have been better....who knows...
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