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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Do you think a little more stiffness would help?
On the serve (biggest problem with the tour) > absolutely no question

The way racquet flexes at lesser impact might feel nice and springy, but when it comes to accelerating the ball from 0 to 100+ mph it might feel "broken".
I have noticed the same at if though the racket was cracked. Not saying i disliked that feel though....was just strange sound. Probably vibration.

Like there's no way you can hit any harder with it and that's frustrating.
Maybe Youtek technology is not so bad afterall. The only drawback is, you arm breaks sooner than d3o racquet and clearly EXO3 Tour prevents that by diminishing returns at higher impacts.
I hope they stiffen it up a bit in ESP version and then we can have best of both worlds.
Can you tell me more about youtek tech (just for interest)?
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