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Originally Posted by RealityPolice View Post
That's kinda funny, actually, because I prefer Caravan's sillier stuff to "Nine Feet..." To me, Caravan were masters at taking lightweight songs and "proggifying" them to give them more heft; I tend to lose some focus on their longer pieces (although they're certainly well-written/performed).

Re: the thread--I'd also have to add this magnificent pile:

or this ridiculously complex sign of a defective mind (time signature nuts, hold on to your triplets):

and we certainly can't forget this one:

Slightly off-topic--all prog fans should know these guys:

It ain't instrumental, but it's pretty blistering. Get past Unfrozen Caveman Drummer and his gruesome facial expressions, of course.
that is a trippy performance isn't it? lol ... wonder if that drummer left any coke for his band mates that night
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