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This mass had been distributed along the handle rather than just the butt.

Last night in an experiment I added a few more grams to the head. Comfort increased again.

The results surprised me too Povl. I guess not all added weight is created equal.

It makes sense though when one considers the fact that SW as "officially" calculated isn't really accurate. SW calculations assume the point of rotation is the near the wrist on the handle. That's fine if you're playing table tennis with your racquet and you're looking for a sore arm.

In reality the point of rotation is beyond the butt as pointed out by a book on the physics of tennis and available from TW. Actual SW is much greater than the official calculation and, contrary to the official calculation, weight under the grip DOES increase SW. For example, in tweaking my PSGTs this week and dropping the weight under the grip I was able to add weight in the head. It wasn't nearly a 1:1 ratio since weight in the head does effect SW more than that under the grip. But it was nice to get even more oomph in this frame while maintaining excellent RHS with a 6 point HL balance.

Since the actual point of rotation is behind the butt maybe mass under the grip prevents the frame from flexing more than it could than if weight is concentrated more in the head?
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