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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
Well I couldn't wait for the boomarang tool to make it here so just strung 2 piece 50/50 method which worked out easily enough, only one cross had really any angle on it and it wasn't too bad.

The hardest part on that racquet was getting a soft thin multifilment string NRG2 17 gauge to get it back thru a hole covered by an existing string. Those grooves are so beveled in there, it makes it tough to move the existing string so you can get your string end thru there without mashing it, becoming soft and useless. Wouldn't be a problem with most mono or stiffer strings but that was tough. Any suggestions to alter the grommet to make next time easier like really pressing an awl into it.?
Thanks again for your tips.
Irvin's tips are all spot on. I think you'll find that with more restrings, it gets easier to get those soft multis through the blocked holes. When I first bought my Exos, they were not fun getting through there. Sometimes I cheated and used a small allen wrench as an awl (since my awl is bent).
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