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Originally Posted by yourmailman View Post
I video tape my matches and was shocked when I watched the match and saw that every time he served (first and second), his heal was the only part of his right foot that was not already totally inside the court. By this, I mean his heel was touching the inside of the baseline.
And this is the RL situation.... surprisingly common during club type play.


Clearly a FF but it went unrecognized during actual play; needed video to become aware. In a way I'm glad there are those who campaign against this stuff. I'm just not that guy -- much to do with nothing.

(Given that rec servers strike the ball anywhere from 1/2 foot behind the line to perhaps nearly two feet inside the baseline I think there is way too much emphasis placed on the advantage of a hacker having toes over the line. At a high serve (4.5+) level it's likely quite an advantage but those with this type of technically sound serve aren't fumbling around with their feet chasing tosses.)
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