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Originally Posted by Jim A View Post
It's never a perfect system and it doesn't matter what is in life but people will try and often find a way to manipulate the system.
I agree. There is nothing terrible about the algo currently used. It only is an issue with those trying to manipulate the system. So rather than trying to fix the algo forget about it- you can't fix any system if people are willing to lose matches on purpose or keep scores close. A couple years back one of the teams that went to nationals out of our region won all their matches 3-2 when they easily could have won them 5-0. When you are that much better than everybody it is easy to control the outcome. Their final match of the season when they already clenched playoffs they lost 1-4 to the last place team (one guy didn't get the "they are suppose to lose" memo) .

So what should be done is fix the incentive. These 3 things would eliminate 90% of problems over the long run while allowing those desperate for sectionals and nationals to have their shot.

1) No self rated players in playoffs.
2) Any player in nationals bumped and benchmarked for 3 years, sectionals 2 years. It is kind of ridiculous a team that finishes top 5 in nationals only has 30% of their team bumped.
3). No ESR bump downs only bump ups. Huge loop hole exploited so players that get bumped only have to remain at their new level for 6 months before going back down to their old level.
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