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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
ljubicic in madrid was in 2005 and that remains nadal's only title indoors .....and it required a mighty struggle from rafa and a dip in level from ljubicic after being two sets to love up in the finals ...

I don't know what exactly you are trying to prove by bringing in the exo matches ..... they are just for fun/charity ..... that's it ....

these aren't the exos of the 70s or 80s where there was quite a lot of money on the line and players played them competitively ....
Well you know, I think Nadal's H2H with Fed on clay and his 7 FO titles are misleading when comparing him to Fed on clay, I think Fed was only really motivated to win FO in 2009, other years he gave a half arsed effort in the final in order to not waste energy for Wimbledon.

And boy, You could see how great Fed is on clay when motivated, he beat Soderling in 2009 FO final much easier than Rafa beat Ljubicic in 2005 Madrid F.

Regarding Nadal numerous victories over Fed in CC masters, the only time when Fed seemed to give a ***** was in their 2007 Hamburg and 2009 Madrid finals and I didn't see no gulf between their CC abilities in those matches.
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