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"McEnroe grew up in an excellent tennis area with a prestigious after-school academy (Port Washington TA) nearby. He was also wealthy. It is easier for certain players to express what they feel is best when it was all at their disposal locally. Things are more complicated when you don't have top-notch training nearby or the proper funds to travel and train."

Not sure I follow. How does this differ from anyone else? Tennis is insanely expensive, for everyone. Sure, some have more money than others but I don't know many poor families that can afford the hourly costs for a coach, clinics, hitting groups and/or travel for tournaments.

As for the "excellent tennis area," I've been saying that for a long time. The better tennis environment you live in, the better your chances (back to Malcolm Gladwell's point). In fact, if you are in a weaker section, you likely spend more money constantly having to travel outside your state.

I'm not judging anyone regarding whether or not to home school, attend an academy or not, as it's a personal decision. However, for our family, we just think there's tremendous benefits to attending school and I have no illusions that my daughter is going to make a living at tennis (if it happens, god bless her) but our primary focus is always education and trying to equip our daughter with the tools to be a productive and happy member of society and I think the daily interaction at school (the good, the bad, and the ugly) is all part of the development skills required for the real world (again, just our perspective).
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