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Originally Posted by slice bh compliment View Post
U Dub.
But parking is a hassle.

Tulsa. They had McEnroe christen the new facility.

Duke. Georgia. Stanford's Taube family stadium.

Emory has some courts on the roof. Good unless it's windy.

Baylor University.

Columbia's got some bubbles. I love the sound in there.

University of the South has a nice setting in the hills of Tennessee.

Virginia's courts are great. Wahoo.

Hellman at UCB - worth a mention, just for the surroundings. Same with UCLA and Pepperdine.

TCU (never seen a dual match, but I went to a futures there). Huge, spread out. Just beautiful.
Baylor sucks, it's always windy there, the players hate it there. One player transferred for that reason alone.
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