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Originally Posted by goober View Post
So what should be done is fix the incentive. These 3 things would eliminate 90% of problems over the long run while allowing those desperate for sectionals and nationals to have their shot.

1) No self rated players in playoffs.
Originally Posted by schmke View Post
This may penalize only legitimate self-rates that would have advanced to playoffs as someone willing to game the system is willing to throw a year and will just play that first year and sandbag to get a C rating then they are golden. I prefer to tighten the "allowance for natural improvement" as particularly at 3.5 and below it seems far too large.

That said, this rule probably wouldn't affect very many, but I'm guessing the USTA resists because they think it would deter players from joining if they know from the start they can't go to playoffs their first year.
I 100% agree on no self-rated players in playoffs. Would only affect a small number. I don't agree with schmke that would-be sandbaggers would then just game the system differently, by throwing an entire season to get a C rating. It takes a lot more committment and planning ahead to throw an entire season for a possible payoff only a year later! Whereas self-rating too low is easy and the payoff is immediate. The other thing is that many times this is initiated by the captain and not the player - the captain asks the new player to self-rate at the captain's level, knowing that it's too low. The player himself may not be specifically intent on cheating. Whereas throwing a whole season's worth of matches obviously requires specific intent to cheat from the player in question. As far as discouraging legit players, I think that most *legit* players new to organized tennis are joining for the sake of getting back into it, playing some matches, and developing a circle of tennis friends, and not for playoff glory... so they would not be disuaded by such a rule.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
2) Any player in nationals bumped and benchmarked for 3 years, sectionals 2 years. It is kind of ridiculous a team that finishes top 5 in nationals only has 30% of their team bumped.
3). No ESR bump downs only bump ups. Huge loop hole exploited so players that get bumped only have to remain at their new level for 6 months before going back down to their old level.
Don't think these extra rules are really needed.
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