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Many olive oils are good for medium heat up to 320F (160 C). For higher temps look for an olive oil with a higher smoke point or cook with a saturated fatty oil or some other high-oleic (mono-unsaturated) oils. Saffola is an example of a high-oleic safflower oil. Avacado oil is also very high in mono-unsaturated fats and will often have a very high smoke point. Some almond oils are also suitable for high temp applications.

Canola oil is often suggested for higher temps (like 400F or 200 C). However, there is some disagreement on this. While it has a fairly high smoke point, there is some concern that the omega-3 fats in this oil can be damaged (and become unhealthy) for temps much above 125F (50 C). OTOH, one canola oil manufacturer claimed that, due to its fatty acid profile, the omega-3 fats were protected. Not sure which camp is correct on this. I normally use canola oil only for very low heat applications.

Suitable saturated fats for high temp cooking would include coconut oil (1st choice), ghee or butter. I'll only use butter for high-temp cooking if I don't have coconut oil on hand. Here is one source that shows smoke points and cooking uses for a large variety of oils. Note, however, that not all oils of a certain type will have the smoke point as others.

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Not if you skip some oils, like olive oil, as they have positive health effects.
I'll use olive oil more for dipping. I don't fry my foods all that often. Trader Joes has modestly-priced olive oil with an outstanding taste (at least for my palate). Their California Estate Olive Oil (TJs brand) was given top marks & Best Buy by Consumer Reports.

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