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Originally Posted by CurlyW View Post
Having had TE surgery about a year ago I am looking for a workout routine with the Green Flex bar?

I am a little hesitant as the arm is doing pretty well but looking to strengthen the arm in addition to some light weight training.

If you have any pain with the green, you should drop back to the red.

The red flexbar seems like only a "wimp" would use it, but the big study on tennis elbow used the red precisely because it would promote proper radial arm motion, but under little stress.

If you had surgery only a few weeks ago, I would have urged you not to even think about using the green first.

But at one year, you may be able to use the green - but back off if any pain occurs.

How about checking with your surgeon and/or therapist who have seen you recently and see what they recommend?

Even if you have to start with the red, don't rid of that green.

Hopefully after a few weeks with the red you will be able to graduate to the green and start getting your arm muscles really strong enough for a return to tennis.
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