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Originally Posted by baoshuxiong View Post
Thanks charliefederer for your reply. It's very helpful.

I couldn't walk during Day 1-3 due to severe pain; but now I can walk for like 45 mins with calf sleeve and walking stick. It's a very humbling experience.

I only had mild swelling but still can't stretch my calf (even in normal walking stand). I'm also using heat lotion (will try Voltaren once heat rub runs out) & warm clothe 4 times a day. It seems to help just a tiny bit.

It's embarrassing to use a walking stick at my age, but I'm gonna stick to it till I can walk w/o pain in my calf. The only side effect right now is twitches on my upper calf (every 10 mins or so) when I walk .

Question: What's my next step? Stretching? When can I start stretching ? When I feel no pain when I walk?

Thx for your reply in advance
Well there is stretching and STRECHING!!!

Gentle stretching should be fine when there is no pain when you walk.

At first, you are just slowly trying to get closer and closer to a full range of motion.

The amount of stretching can increase slowly over time.

[I know answers like this can be less than satisfying, but how vigorous one is stretching is hard to quantify.]
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