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Originally Posted by rohit1986xyz View Post
I got to play with 2013 BLX blade 18x20 version for week

Have been playing tennis on-and-off for about 10 years. Picked up tennis again this August after an injury last year that lasted 8 months. I started playing as a 3.0 but quickly picked up my flow due to earlier experience. I now play competitively with 4.0 level players.

Game type: Flat strokes which I mix with high topspin sometimes, when I don't want to put energy or I am in a bad position. My main weapons are serves, and fast forehand with accuracy. I have double handed backhand with decent topspin (its like a safe shot). In Forehand, overheads and down the line winners are my fav shots.

Current Racket Its a very old Wilson Superlite (10 years old, never changed it) -- head balance, 11Oz strung weight, extremely light, stable and very powerful (i really mean it -- its of head hammer class)

I was basically looking for a racket to improve my game, and replace my old racket. I am quite sold out on Blade BLX after demoing Juice 100, Babolat APD, Djoko's 2012 speed, Fedex's pro staff, Murray's Radical. The Blade BLX racket felt slightly heavy to start with as I used to play with a very light racket. But, I immediately saw the advantage of that. It was very stable under heavy baseline exchanges (I tried with a 4.5 guy) on both wings (forehand and backhand), as well as for better volleys and overheads. You do need to get used to the weight so give it some time whenever you demo/start with. Serves are very good if you get them right but if you miss your timing, its not going to be very good. Basically, this racket will force you to correct your strokes. Its like a lighter easily manueverable version of Pro-staff 6.1 90.

Because of higher weight than my current racket, I found that my shots were not flying around (as in APD) and I could pin-point balls from left-to-right with a lot of ease. So, if your game is mostly counter-punching or attacking in baseline play, this is a good choice for you. If your game is mostly serve and volley, I would recommend a slightly more control oriented racket.

Topspin on your shots with racket is medium to high. Don't expect APD levels of spin but its not bad either. You will, however, need to develop the skill to play with oponents who use a lot of spin in their shots (if at all you play them). This is more of an all-round racket than a spin-friendly racket.

I am going to demo blade 93 now in the coming week, as TW has good reviews about it.

FYI: Other rackets that I liked were Juice (hits great power shots but isn't good if you want to have ball pocketing and hit angled shots). Djoko's racket was also pretty good, except that it had way less power (which is handle-able) but on overheads and volleys, it wasn't that stable as the BLX blade. I have had my hands on the new Head G (haven't played with it though), but its much better than the 2012 version. I will definitely wait for it before purchasing any racket.
I have the same opinion as you do on the new Djokovic racquet (or at least the 2011 model). My groundstrokes had like no power to them. My hitting partners just bashed the crap out of all of my shots.
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