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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Hey Charliefederer, thanks man. But I still want a few questions answered:

1) Once the inflammation subsides, is the elliptical and stationary bike low impact enough so it won't hinder the healing?

2) Over the past few months where I've been managing this minor injury, I observed no loss in stamina and strength in the tendon. Also, it's asymptomatic while I'm playing. However, once I shut it down, it's like a raging storm on the back of my heel. Why is that?
1. Eventually the elliptical bike are great ways to get back in shape without the pounding in running.
I can tell for you the hard part will be holding back and not going full tilt too soon.
Slow and steady wins the race - to full health.

2. It is amazing that after a warm up, even areas that are quite sore often feel much better.
I don't know exactly what is happening, but I suspect it could be a combination of factors.
Warmed up muscles are more elastic and supple. More force can be absorbed by the long muscle body, rather than being transferred to the tendon ending, especially if some degree of "spasm" is present in the muscle.
Exercise leads to increased blood flow and greater exchange of the [interstitial] fluid that bathes our tissues. The chemicals [cytokines] that are regulating the inflammation (and irritating the sensitive nerve fibers) are being "washed away" faster than new cytokines are being generated at the site.
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