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In no way are tennis focused kids any less happy than any other group of kids. In fact, the kids at our local center who are obsessing with tennis seem way more happier than the other kids.

A story ran a few months ago about Chinese American kids and how miserable they are due to strict academic pressures.
I have never seen a single tennis kid who smokes, uses drugs, or drinks. Most of these kids also do well academically. Playing tennis allows my son to meet other wonderful kids, some hundreds miles away. The tough life of tennis training helps him develop better disciplines in time management, meeting commitment etc that will surely benefit him for the rest of his life. It's so true that many Chinese (or Asian) American kids are under so much pressure to perform well in and out school. My boys took piano lessons when they were like 5. They got yelled everyday for not having required practices. All of us, parents and kids were a lot happier after the older one switched to guitar and the younger started his tennis. Both boys were so much into video games and tennis was an effective way of making them stop "the war games". In just a few years, tennis has changed my younger one from a quiet "nerd" to a confident, cheerful, and happy kid. He told me that he has over 1,700 Facebook friends and over 200 Twitter followers.
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